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About Us

Pewter Mania started operations in June, 2012 based on an idea that came about earlier that same year. Upon visiting the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, the founder fell in love with the exquisitely worked pewter handcrafts she found there and decided to make them available to the international market.

When the first shipment arrived, everybody was amazed at the quality and beauty of each piece, making it impossible to determine a favorite. There were pieces for every taste and use, and you could tell, by the mere sight of it, that it has been done by people that care about the product and who bring their expertise and love to the not-simple task of bringing these pieces to life.

Ever since that first shipment, the same care and thought has gone in selecting the pieces that Pewter Mania sells. Selecting from lists and lists of items, the founder herself handpicks each piece, not only selecting them for their beauty or use, but also as great pieces that dignify the place they come from.

As with everything that’s handmade, some differences between pieces are to be expected, but that’s what brings its character and uniqueness to each piece, and we embrace that at Pewter Mania. We are confident that you will also appreciate the value in each piece and will be delighted that you can bring a piece of Mexico into your home.

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